Flowers & Wooden Pieces

Red Rose Balls

(4″ & 9″)

White Rose Balls

(4″, 9″ & 12″)

Ostrich Feathers

(Red, Black, White & Fuchsia)

Black Feather Balls

White Feather Balls

Aisle/Floor Wooden Stumps

(1-1 1/2 Ft heights)

Wooden Centerpiece Wafers

Wooden Centerpiece Vases

Wooden Centerpiece Logs

(Various heights – set of 3)

Wooden Centerpiece Cookies

(Plain and Stamped – Love, Joy, Family)

Decorative Black Wire

Wooden Centerpiece Boxes


Wooden Crates

Wooden Barrels

Wooden Doors – Brown

(set of two)

Wooden Doors – Antique White

(set of two)

Wooden Lantern – Small

Wooden Lantern – Large

White Antique Stressed Dresser – Small

White Antique Stressed Dresser – Large

Wooden Donut Board (40 Pegs)

White Wooden Fireplace Mantel

Wooden Barrel and Pump